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Acteocina apicina
Acteocina bullata (4)
Acteocina canaliculata (4)
Acteocina candei
Acteocina capitata
Acteocina crithodes
Acteocina culcitella
Acteocina decorata
Acteocina exilis
Acteocina fusiformis
Acteocina gracilis
Acteocina hadfieldi
Acteocina harpa
Acteocina inconspicua
Acteocina inculta
Acteocina involuta
Acteocina knockeri
Acteocina koyasensis
Acteocina kristenseni
Acteocina lepta
Acteocina liratispira
Acteocina mucronata
Acteocina protracta
Acteocina recta
Acteocina sandwicensis
Acteocina smithi
Acteocina townsendi
Acteocina sp
Tornatina persiana
Truncateocina coarctata
MIOCENE Acteocina bellardii
MIOCENE-SERRAVALLIAN Acteocina lajonkaireana

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