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SYNTYPE Marginella fallax
Canalispira fallax (2)
Crithe algoensis
Cystiscus alternans
Cystiscus angasi
Cystiscus cymbalum
Cystiscus manceli
Cystiscus pseustes
Cystiscus sandwicensis
Cystiscus vidae
Gibberula abyssicola
HOLOTYPE Gibberula agricola
Gibberula ardovinii
Gibberula asellina
Gibberula bensoni
Gibberula burnupi
Gibberula caelata
Gibberula catenata
SYNTYPE Marginella cherubini
SYNTYPE Marginella chudeaui
Gibberula cf
Gibberula crisae
Gibberula cristata
Gibberula diadema
Gibberula differens
Gibberula dulcis
Gibberula epigrus
Gibberula evadne
Gibberula fluctuata
PARATYPE Gibberula gabryae
SYNTYPE Marginella gruveli
Gibberula gruveli
Gibberula hernandezi
PARATYPE Gibberula jansseni
Gibberula jansseni
Gibberula lavalleeana
Gibberula lazaroi
Gibberula lifouana
Gibberula louisae
Gibberula cf lucia
Gibberula mazagonica
Gibberula miliaria
Gibberula oryza
SYNTYPE Marginella pallata
Gibberula pfeifferi
Gibberula philippii
Gibberula pulchella
Gibberula rauli
Gibberula recondita
Gibberula rolani (5)
Gibberula rolani (4)
Gibberula savignyi
Gibberula secreta
Gibberula secreta (4)
Gibberula simonae
Gibberula subtrigona
Gibberula sueziensis
Gibberula thomemsis
Gibberula vignali
Pachybathron cassidiforme
Persicula accola
Persicula adamsiana
HOLOTYPE Persicula bagne
Persicula bandera
Persicula blanda
Persicula brinkae
Persicula calculus
Persicula chrysomelina
Persicula cingulata
Persicula cingulata (f) persiculocingulata
PARATYPE Persicula cordorae
Persicula cornea
Persicula deburghi
Persicula deburghi (2)
Persicula frumentum
Persicula hilli
Persicula imbricata
Persicula interruptolineata
Persicula maculosa
Persicula masirana
Persicula muralis
Persicula persicula
Persicula persicula (f) avellana
Persicula phrygia
Persicula porcellana
Persicula pulcherrima
PARATYPE Persicula rashafuni
Persicula rashafuni
Persicula robusta
Persicula sagittata
Persicula shepstonensis
Persicula tessellata
Persicula tessellata (2)
Persicula testai
HOLOTYPE Persicula vanpeli
Persicula weberi
HOLOTYPE Volvarina abbotti
Plesiocystiscus alfredensis
Plesiocystiscus aphanospira
Plesiocystiscus bubistae
Plesiocystiscus cinereus
Plesiocystiscus consanguineus (2)
HOLOTYPE Cystiscus jansseni
Plesiocystiscus jansseni
Plesiocystiscus politulus
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Gibberula acutispira
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Gibberula ovulata
EOCENE-YPRESIAN Gibberula spirata
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Persicula angystoma

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