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Cylichna alba
Cylichna auberii
Cylichna biplicata
Cylichna cylindracea
Cylichna cylindracea (2)
Cylichna cylindracea (4)
Cylichna discus
Cylichna gouldii
HOLOTYPE Cylichna javanica
Cylichna krebsii
Cylichna lemchei
Cylichna modesta
HOLOTYPE Cylichna sibogae
Cylichna sibogae
Cylichna thetidis
Cylichna verrillii
Cylichna villersii
Cylichna zealandica
Cylichnella bidentata
Semiretusa borneensis
Toledonia limnaeoides
PLIOCENE Cylichna cylindracea (2)
MIOCENE Bullichna paucistriata
MIOCENE Cylichna pseudoconvoluta
MIOCENE Cylichna subcylindrica
OLIGOCENE-TONGERIAN Cylichna teretiuscula
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Cylichna bruguierei
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Cylichna coronata
EOCENE-YPRESIAN Cylichna coronata arenaria
EOCENE-LUTETIAN Cylichna cylindroides
EOCENE-WEMMELIAN Cylichna uniplicata
EOCENE-YPRESIAN Mirascapha distans

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