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Cavolinia gibbosa
Cavolinia globulosa
Cavolinia inflexa (2)
Cavolinia inflexa (f) imitans
Cavolinia inflexa (f) labiata
PARATYPE Cavolinia tridentata bermudensis
HOLOTYPE Cavolinia tridentata teschi
Cavolinia tridentata (2)
PARATYPE Cavolinia uncinata pulsatapusilla
Cavolinia uncinata
PARATYPE Cavolinia longiristris flexipes
Diacavolinia flexipes
Diacavolinia limbata
Cavolinia longirostris
PARATYPE  Diacria quadridentata erythra (f) crassa
PARATYPE Diacria quadridentata erythra (f) erythra
Diacria erythra
Diacria major
Diacria trispinosa
Diacria trispinosa (f) atlantica
Diacria trispinosa (f) rampali
Telodiacria costata
Telodiacria quadridentata
PARATYPE Diacria quadridentata quadridentata (f) schmidti
MIOCENE Vaginella depressa

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