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HOLOTYPE Anaglyphula sauroderma
HOLOTYPE Anaglyphula whitteni
Angustassiminea californica
Assiminea avilai (2)
POSSIBLE SYNTYPE Assiminea fasciata
Assiminea gittenbergeri
Assiminea gittenbergeri (2)
PARATYPE Assiminea glaubrechti
Assiminea grayana
Assiminea grayana (2)
HOLOTYPE Assiminea navigatorum
Assiminea ovata
SYNTYPE Assiminea punctum
PARATYPE Assiminea rolani
Assiminea rolani
Assiminea schlickumi
Assiminea sinensis
Assiminea vulgaris
PARATYPE Assiminea gerhardtae
Cyclotropis carinata
HOLOTYPE Omphalotropis lemniscatus
Optediceros breviculum
HOLOTYPE Assiminea corpulenta
Paludinella globularis
Paludinella halophila
Paludinella sicana
PARATYPE Paludinella thonburi
Pseudocyclotus buehleri
Pseudocyclotus levis
HOLOTYPE Pseudocyclotus rutilus
Suterilla neozelanica
PARATYPE Assiminea bedaliensis
PARATYPE Assiminea lentula
HOLOTYPE Assiminea riparia
HOLOTYPE Assiminea sororcula

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