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Acanthochitona achates
Acanthochitona achates (4)
Acanthochitona astrigera
Acanthochitona avicula
Acanthochitona avicula (4)
Acanthochitona avicula (2)
Acanthochitona balesae
Acanthochitona bednalli
Acanthochitona bednalli (f) johnstoni
HOLOTYPE Acanthochitona bonairensis
Acanthochitona complanata
Acanthochitona crinita (4)
Acanthochitona crinita (5)
Acanthochitona defillippi (4)
Acanthochitona defilippii (2)
Acanthochitona dissimilis
Acanthochitona exquisita
Acanthochitona exquisita (9)
Acanthochitona exquisita (2)
Acanthochitona fascicularis (5)
Acanthochitona fascicularis (44)
Acanthochitona fascicularis (8)
HOLOTYPE Acanthochitona ferreirai
Acanthochitona garnoti
Acanthochitona granostriata
Acanthochitona hemphilli
Acanthochitona hemphilli (6)
SYNTYPE Chiton hirundiniformis
Acanthochitona hirundiniformis (4)
Acanthochitona hirudiniformis
Acanthochitona jugotenuis
Acanthochitona kimberi
Acanthochitona leopoldi
PARATYPE Acanthochitona limbata
PARATYPE Acanthochitona lineata
Acanthochitona mahensis
PARATYPE Acanthochitona mastalleri
Acanthochitona penicillata (2)
Acanthochitona penicillata
Acanthochitona pilsbryi
Acanthochitona pygmaea
Acanthochitona pygmaea (2)
Acanthochitona retrojecta
Acanthochitona rhodea
PARATYPE Acanthochitona roseojugum
Acanthochitona rubrolineata
Acanthochitona spiculosa
Acanthochitona sueurii
Acanthochitona variegata
Acanthochitona viridis
Acanthochitona woodwardi
PARATYPE Acanthochitona worsfoldi
Acanthochitona zelandica
Americhiton arragonites
PARATYPE Acanthochitona zebra
Bassethullia matthewsi
Choneplax indica
Choneplax lata
Craspedochiton laqueatus (8)
Craspedochiton laqueatus
Craspedochiton laqueatus (4)
Craspedochiton producta
Craspedoplax variabilis (5)
Craspedoplax variabilis
Cryptochiton stelleri
Cryptochiton stelleri (4)
Cryptochiton stelleri (5)
Cryptoconchus floridanus
Cryptoconchus porosus (4)
Cryptoconchus porosus
Leptoplax verconis (5)
Leptoplax verconis
Leptoplax wilsoni (4)
Leptoplax wilsoni
Notoplax costata
Notoplax glauerti
Notoplax mariae
Notoplax rubiginosa
Notoplax speciosa (4)
Notoplax speciosa
Notoplax violacea (2)
Notoplax violacea
Pseudotonicia cuneata

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